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With Creative Homes personal attention to detail and making every home YOUR personal and custom home with our in-house sales and design consultants. The Creative Homes Team will ensure Homebuyers they will receive creativity and quality along each step of building their custom dream home.

With Val’s expertise in sales, marketing, operations and customer satisfaction he will oversee the coordinating of quality subcontractors and suppliers ensuring a quality built home for all budgets. With over 18 years in the Lubbock business community, Val is very familiar with the business climate. He is excited for this opportunity and looks forward to turning potential homebuyers into homeowners.

When searching for a home builder, Creative Homes proves to be the obvious choice. From a garden home to a luxury estate, your dream home can become a reality with Creative Homes. Their paramount goals are to design a unique house plan that fits perfectly to the particular needs of your family, and to build a sound and aesthetically pleasing home for you.

As a member of the West Texas Home Builders Association, Texas Association of Builders, and National Association of Builders, Val is aware of Lubbock’s ever changing market. From the traditional homes to the cutting edge, he can create the right choice for your lifestyle.

Let Creative Homes provide a creative solution for your home building needs and help fulfill your dreams!

Parade Home 2014

Creative Homes Parade Home 2014

From the breathtaking dormer windows, to the rich cedar accents, to the delicate touches of rock detail, this Creative Home proves to be a wonderful oasis full of exquisite detail and versatility. The home is a mixture of Southern Charm and West Texas elegance. In this four bedroom, three bathroom, two car garage home, you will find an inviting openness imploring you to take in every inch of detail.

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